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EEOT Rules 16-10-16

The Rules

Yes ... there are rules.....

1) Basics:

  1. The game will begin when both goalies are present (and warmed up).
  2. Teams will agree upon goals as they are scored throughout
    the game  (good luck.. evidently no math teachers here..)
  3. A good time will be had by all.
  4. A fair representation is expected at the Prescott.
  5. No abuse of  'officials'

2) Stoppage in play:

  1. After a goal has been scored:
    The scoring team will retreat to their side of centre ice
    until either the puck or a player (of the team that was
    scored against crosses centre ice).
  2. Offside
    The team that was offside will retreat outside of the
    blue line of the opposing team until the puck or player
    crosses their blue line.
  3. Goalie controls (holds or appears to hold) the puck
    The opposing team of the team that held the
    puck will retreat outside of the red line at
    the top of the circle
    (part of circle closest to the blue line) until the puck or player crosses that red line.
  4. Puck sent up into mesh behind goal
    The opposing team (not in that end) will retreat
    outside of the red line at the top of the circle
    (part of circle closest to the blue line) until
    the puck or player crosses that red line.

3) Unwritten rules: (yeah.. I know.. now they're written)

  1. Once a player who has control of the puck has passed the
    defence (sometimes known as a break away),
    he shall be entitled to 'take the shot'. 
    This is especially true and will be enforced if the player is over 60
  2. An injured player crawling along the ice will necessitate a
    stoppage in play. (see stoppage in play above)
  3. Any goalie playing the puck
    will have the 'right of way'
    we can get more players.. not always more goalies
    that is shot from inside the opposite blue line
    and crosses the end line (icing, in other words)
    the goalie gets a free pass without challenge 
    even if the goalie does not play the puck on an
    icing, it will be treated as an offside and the
    defending team will be allowed to play the puck
    out over their blue line unmolested
  4. A late arriving player will be sent to the team in most need.
  5. A fair representation is expected at the Prescott.
    (yes.. this needs repeating)
  6. No Slap shots or "faked" slap shots
  7. No abuse of  'officials'

4) Scoring:

  1. Pucks in the net - goals disallowed = Final Score.
  2. Season win determined by best-of series (see 6).
    Number of games in series determined by number of latest games played that give the Black team the overall victory.

5) Suggestions:

  1. All suggestions are encouraged and welcome.
  2. email the Owner 

6) Winning:

  1. The season winning team shall be determined by selecting the games from last to 'back as many games as is necessary that the BLACK team is ahead' to have a champion for the year. If that scenario does not create a BLACK victory then the WHITE team wins.
  2. In the unfortunate circumstance where there are less than 2 goalies, the game will be deemed a practice and therefore a tie.

Any and all disputes will be settled by the EEOT review board.
The board is comprised of the OWNER (Frank Smith), the COMMISSIONER (Ron Lowry) and the CONVENER (Phil Pilon).
Of course, it goes without saying that it will take several glasses of wine and the odd beer to resolve even the most simple of controversies. So there will be a non-refundable deposit of $50 payable to Frank to ensure that your grievance is heard at the earliest opportunity.


Note 16-10-16:

Note 18-03-18: