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Bruce Cappon Awards T.E. Pics 2013-14 T.E. Pics 2012-13


We like to have 20 skaters in our games, and we do often have openings. We use an on-line system described below. 

Here’s the details:




Please save this email for future reference!



We have organized three games a week, Mondays 2pm and Fridays 1pm at Sandy Hill Arena, Wednesdays 3pm at Ottawa U.  (Season runs September to April!)  All the games have 20 full-time skaters and 2 goalies, but we often have openings for SPARES.   The games have players in the 55-75 age range, non contact, no slapshots, no refs, different teams balanced and set each week. (Beer upstairs after the game!)


THE 20skaters.COM SYSTEM

We use an on-line system called 20skaters.com, we try to always have close to 20 skaters but never more. You must be REGISTERED on 20skaters.com (NB When you register pick a Username that resembles your actual name so we know who’s who).


Full-timers will get a notice a week ahead of the game, telling them they are in the game, and giving them a link to DECLINE if they can’t play. This opens up space for spares!


JOINING A GAME: There are separate spares lists for each game, if you want to be added to a particular day email back.  

Invitations are emailed to the spares list 5 days before the games so that you can join a game. 

Spares cannot join a game until the invitation has been sent.

Spares pay on-line, if the cost is $13. 

If you are on the spares list you will get an invitation email whether there is room or not. You can use that email to access that game. 

Only one invitation will be sent, and players drop out at different times, so check regularly to see if space has opened up, right up to game time.


CANCELLING: If you join a game as a spare and then have to cancel, you cannot cancel on-line, you have to send me an email ( legendshockeyou@gmail.com )before the game and a refund will be issued.  



Wednesdays: Park in the lot off Mann Ave, then go to the front desk and ask for a yellow pass under Tom Evans. Put it on your dash, it’s good for all the games until the end of the year. Don’t forget! (If you get a ticket there are ways to fight it, ask).


Monday/Friday park at Sandy Hill Arena.


If you would like to join the full-time roster, we have openings from time to time. Then you will pay a fixed price for the year (about $10 per hour) and be guaranteed a spot. We have a waiting list so email back.  If you know a player who would fit in, and would like to spare, please contact us.



- Game starts after a short warm-up, please be on the ice on time!

- Change with your line, keep the lines together, if your linemates have gone to the bench you should go too.

- Sweaters - please have a white and a black sweater, not other colours, preferably socks as well.



- Clean Play - We have no refs, we are self policing. Play by the rules of hockey!  No BodyContact/Slashing/Slashing Stick/Hooking/Holding/Checking.  This includes ‘funny’ holding/grabbing etc, don’t do it. 

- There is to be no pushing/shoving/punching. If you feel another player is cheating (above) tell them verbally only. Any rough behaviour could result in your removal from the league. 

- Protect the Goalies, please don't poke or whack the goalie trying to get the puck. If the goalie more or less has it, just leave it alone.

- NO CUTTING IN FRONT of the goalie/net on offence - a dangerous move to be avoided.



It’s the bench’s job to call offside, not the players on the ice.  

It should be clearly offside (if it’s close remain quiet)
The bench must yell loudly so everyone can hear
Players on ice give the puck away to the defence
Players shouldn’t argue except later in the bar


Don’t whack at the goalie! Goalie freezes the puck, or puck hits the mesh - puck goes to the defence and offensive team backs up (briefly) to the thin red line at the top of the circles.


Avoid Collisions! If there’s a race for the puck, whoever’s in front gets possession and a bit of time to turn around, close races go to the defender. Play continues.


Offensive team (celebrates and) backs up to centre ice until other team reaches centre ice.- No Slapshots - your stick must be ON the ice through the shooting motion.

- There is compensation for the few guys who deal with the website, make the lines and ensure we have goalies each week, by giving a discount off the fees. If you would like to do this say so.

- The season goes from early September to the end of April, no games when they fall directly on a Statutory Holiday (Labour Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Boxing Day, New Years Day, Family Day, Good Friday). Some other dates are also blocked out.

-As long as there are funds there will be a contribution to a year-end party (around the end of April, all welcome even if you didn’t play that game!)

Suggestions ARE Welcome!


Monday players 2014-2015:

2014-2015 cost $260  <== Send a check to Tom

Hi all
HOCKEY! First game September 8th!

We have 20 regulars and lots of spares, so we should have a full group each week.
The cost is $260 this year, 31 games, Sept 8 to April 27.

(Miss Oct 13, Feb 16, Apr 13)

PLEASE bring a cheque to Game #1, September 8th.

Goalies! Rod was sure he was playing, Brandon?

 I'm sure everybody is in top shape from …golf?

Spares Contact Tom to get your name on the spares list.
Contact Mike to get your name on the spare goalie list.

Wednesday players 2013-2014:

2011-2012 cost $320
2012-2013 cost $220
2013-2014 cost $255
2014-2015 cost $290  <== Send a check to Tom

Hi all
HOCKEY! First game September 10th!

We have 20 regulars and lots of spares, so we should have a full group each week.
The cost is $290 this year, 33 games, 36.5 hours, Sept 10 to April 29.

(Miss only Apr 15)

PLEASE bring a cheque to Game #1, September 10th.
(or mail to me, 320 Second Ave, Ottawa K1S2J2)

Goalies! I think we're ok, Mike?

I'm sure everybody is in top shape from …beer?

Spares Contact Tom to get your name on the spares list.

Goalies Contact Mike to get your name on the spare goalie list.

1. Let's start the game at 2:35 SHARP, we only have an hour and it doesn't make sense to waste time at the start. Please be ready to go on the ice when the door opens!

2. Sweaters - please try to have a white or blue/black  not green or red or grey, some of us can't decide which team those ones belong to.

3. Goalie Poking - please restrict yourself to one mild poke at a puck in the blue paint (or maybe none) to protect the goalies.

4. Offsides - if you are clearly offside you should give the puck away, not pass it back to your own team.
     Icing - No such thing, go get the puck.
     Goalie freezes puck - back up to the thin red line above circles.

Suggestions welcome!


Unfortunately our 1.5 hour slot is not going to work this year (although we will get four, Sept 26, Oct 3, Oct 10, Oct 17).   For the rest of the year they can only give us one hour! Oh well it was good while it lasted.

This will be the fourth! year for our Wednesday hockey group
OTTAWA U  WEDNESDAYS 2:30-3:20PM (one hour)
Starting Sept 26-April 3  -  27 Games

The cost will be  $220 for 27 games, including insurance, it's $8.15/game
or let me know if you would like to be on the spares list, cost $10 per game.

Don't worry about payment now, September is fine, I'll bug you
See you soon


Link to 2012 Xmas game pictures

Post Season Pints 2011-12











Bruce Cappon Awards
T.E. Pics 2013-14
T.E. Pics 2012-13