General Meeting
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East End Oldtimer Alumni and friends,


After a two year  hiatus, the owner and commissioner cordially  

requests your attendance at a  general meeting to be held at the prestigious Prescott Hotel ( a quart is now in excess of $14) on Nov. 01 at 4pm. 


-Refreshments and greetings from the owner

-Injury Reports

-Medication exchange

-Committee Reports (Player Safety, Players Assn., Player Personnel )

New Business

-Potential Black v White Summit Series (5-7 games).

            When and where TBD.



The meeting  will be  followed by the traditional "opening" dinner for those that don't need to be back to the home before 7pm and are interested.


 Please indicate your intention to attend the meeting and dinner so the appropriate arrangements can be made.

Be well;  be safe,




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