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League Trivia

Historical notes...
East End Old Timers...
December 1980.

 Bill Dennee scores his first goal since inception of the League seven years previous. It's a fluttering shot that bounces off Poulton's ass and past a sprawled out Terri-Lea Wallace.  Inspired by his success Bill goes on to score a goal in each of the following seasons.

 Mike Poulton scores the first ever goal in a shootout that decided the game in favour of the White Team



Bill Dennee
Bill is out with a back injury ... might be the season for this seasoned veteran.
Congrats are in order for this newlywed !!!

Bob make a great showing in the 2004-05 season
The scoring streak continues..

Sandy is BACK !!! from a shoulder injury
!! NICE CAR !!!!!

Big time return to the ice...steady as ever... might be the lower center of gravity ??

Wayne has retired from the game... at least for this season..

Vinny makes it out to the game and is as solid as ever in front of the net.

Frank continues to swoop down upon the opposition
Frank has gone south for a while.. seems to be more room on the ice without our resident "skater of large circles". but ... he can still leap over the boards into the play  !!

Ian mainstays the defensive zone .. it must be the corduroys .....

Bill Lamb
Started earlier than the rest of us this season....can't say if it helped ...
Back again for more abuse in 2004-05..

Mike Poulton
Mike is back for another season to demonstrate stick handling techniques to the rest of us.

Denis Arseneault
Denis tore his shoulder out .... deep sea kayaking ?!?!?!
What the hell is that ????

Dave Allwright
Dave broke his ankle in that late game run-in with the boards.
He will be in a cast 4-6 weeks then on to recuperate for a couple of weeks in the Bahamas (hopefully without the cast). Not back for 2004..


The Goal
Winning goal scored by Jack Teertstra (White) with a blistering clearing shot originating from in front of his own net. Phil Pilon affectionately known as Whoops... was apparently mesmerized by the overpowering 80 foot slider.
At last! Bill Dennee has returned. Another fluttering shot through eight players and then through the opposing net-minder. Some things never change

The Flop
Sandy catches a toe-pick and does a face plant to start the game . Seems he had to play on the White team and was so distracted he forgot how to skate.
Father Son
Jason showed up late, but not too late to lay a beating on dad. When asked later, Marv admitted to teaching Jason everything about skating except how to STOP. Shame they were on the same team.
First Penalty Shot
Sandy is back in the news! With a stellar diving, sweeping back-check, Sandy keeps Paul from any shot on one of his breakaways by dumping him from behind. Incidental contact ;-) I suppose ... Too bad that's a no--no in this league.
The good news for Sandy was: Paul did not score on the penalty shot.
The Pants
Fedele showed up without his pants.
I guess wearing 20 pounds less equipment than usual helped him to a pair of goals.
The Poke
A solid jab to the head from Phil was so powerful it apparently dislocated Fedele's shoulder.
I guess he won't slash Phil anymore.
Both combatants have been assessed a one game suspension by the league commissioner.
Frank (the commish.) was quoted as saying "this kind of behaviour leads to anarchy and revolution"

The Pipes
Two formidable combatants met today. With only pipes and netting to support their cause (defence was pretty weak on both teams), they performed heroically.
Ian, too long absent from tending the goals yet gaining confidence by the minute, stood his ground fiercely to support his victorious team and
, too oft defending from positions worthy of a contortionist, tried to stem the relentless attack in a losing effort that prompted cheers from both teams.
This game would been much higher scoring but for the efforts of these lads

The Hat Trick
Bill Lamb's offensive performance will probably not be equalled (by Bill or any of the other ancient warriors) for some time to come.
Three goals (and another that was called back) put the white team ahead for most of the game. There have been other three goal games this year by other players, but for Bill this outpouring was a long time coming - decades !
Free Beer
That's right ! Free Beer at the Royal Oak, thanks to Ian who entered the 'EastEnd Oldtimers' into a radio station contest.
The 7 / 2 split in the White score column refers to 7 goals by the White team and 2 more goals beautifully tipped into the Black goal by Phil.
Too bad he was playing on the Black team at the time :-(
The New Goalie
The NEW goalie arrived today... Excellent display for a lad that had been away from the game for a few years. The only persons happier then the rest of the players is Jeremy who gets to take shots at his brother ! 
The Experiment
Frank's grand experiment exploded onto the ice surface today. It all looked very confusing.. fast... but confusing. The good news: the teams appeared to be evenly matched. The bad news: every time Frank (who was wearing white) took his helmet off, he blended into the background of the arena and could not be found.  

The Fastest Goal
Bob took the first face-off of the game and 4 seconds later the White team was up 1-0.
The Black team watched in awe as the most experienced member of the infamous 'kid-line' streaked untouched to the net to then put the puck home. This set the tone for the eventual decisive win by his team.   Well .... if Bob can do it .....  

Father and Son
Another father and son led their team to a substantial victory. Fedele, playing forward for a change, led the charge with a hat trick and son Nick held the opposition to a couple of goals with his superb play in goal.
The Hat Trick 2
Ron Lowry led his recently struggling team to an amazing one-sided victory by leading the way with an unprecedented Hat-Trick+. Ron scored four goals in the first half of the game to set the pace for a sound trouncing of those ignoble pale riders (aka: the White team). His efforts inspired his team to another well deserved triumph.
The Shutout
What a spectacular display of goaltending !!!! Peter Casey closed the door on the White team with the first shutout for either team since October 25, 2000 (when Ted Valliere scored a hat trick to lead the White team to an 8-0 victory). The boys in white were obviously feeling the effects of 'spring break' this day.
The Hat Trick 3
Marv Blauer stepped up his game this day by being in the right place in the right time. He probably could have scored more goals with the chances available but his hat trick set the pace for the charging Black team. This was a night of few spares and fewer defence men for the White team.
1 goalie then 2
The score for BLACK was 9.4 ( 9 goals against a goalie and 4 goals against the "shirt ")
The score for WHITE was 5.2 ( 5 goals against a goalie and 2 goals against the "shirt")
First Win
Nearly a third of the way through the season and (Big) Adam C. finally gets his first win of the year as the Black Team pounds 13 goals past the still spinning White Team goalie. No doubt this pummelling will come back to haunt the Boys in Black
XMAS Dinner 2004
Excellent dinner at El Primo (across the street from the Prescott) brought out all the old stories from years ago to entertain those that were there and some of the restaurant's other clients also ... note: check out Frank's Flips

Another Tie ?
The Black team thundered back into the match from a 3 goal deficit to salvage a 5-5 tie with the presumptuous White team. What were they thinking ??? With Nick (I only go down for high shots) in goal and Sandy (my butt still hurts) back on the defence,  the White team was held scoreless in the latter part of the game thus giving the much underrated Black team an opportunity to join the fray. Brother against brother, friend against friend and Adam (Big) against Michel (small)...... 'just one more lousy goal'  was the battle cry that carried the Black team back from the brink this day.

Goal Tender's Duel
Lead by the 60 year old Bill Lamb's hat trick and Phil Pilon's 2 goals in 1 shift after a mid-game trade, Black seemed ready to take another game from White. Even though the players on Black team scored 11 times, white wins 11-9. Jack Teertstra (in his best spy vs. spy imitation) shoots on Black then pulls off his black shirt to show his true alliance. Mike Bolton picks the top corner with minutes to go to put White ahead for good. The highlight reel filled game had something for everyone.
Without the official statistician or the commissioner in the rink, White seems to be starting to find their groove and Black is starting to take liberties on the White forwards. There was a tragic incident late in the game. The video is being sent to the commissioner regarding
a father / son attack on a helpless White forward caught deep behind enemy lines.
Stay tuned.. suspensions may be pending.
It appears that good is finally starting to prevail over the dark forces of evil.
Paul ApSimon. (<=-mouse over)
The Double Hat Trick
Rumour has it that Michel scored an unheard-of double hat trick today carrying the Black team to victory over the White team in what will not be described as a clinic put on by the goaltenders. Mark C. (who played with the boys a few years ago) dropped by for a quick chat but, after watching Michel spin about for a while, became dizzy and had to leave.
New Goalie
A spectacular display of net minding by the newest goalie in the league. Pale blue yes.. but the only weakness was the largest 5-hole ever seen. This may have been a bucket on it's side to some, but it was truly a saviour to the White team, allowing them precious warm-up time to practice their various plays that would lead them on to eventual victory. The Black team was left to practice line changes for the first twenty minutes which, after all was said and done, got them into the showers just a little quicker than their opponents.
The Last Minute Goalie
What began as an opportunity to spare as a defenseman in the RA Over 50 Hockey League turned into a crowd pleasing, team pleasing ... even league pleasing display put on by our own Ian Smith as he, on the spur of the moment, volunteered to stand between the pipes for the Gray Team on Friday March 4th. With his usual steadfastness, he held the first place team to a lone goal to enable the Gray Team to post a 2-1 win over the league leading R.E.S.P. White Team. Ian was acclaimed the 1st Star for his efforts and earned the gratitude of his adoptive team mates.
News Flash !!
Paul finally passed the puck ... to Mikey !!!  who, of course, immediately scored. This amazing scenario was repeated just often enough for the White Team to beat the Black Team back into the middle of last week.
The Comeback !!!
After an early (3 goals in 3 minutes) lead was established by the White Team, the tone of the game changed dramatically as the Black Team rebounded to score 7 unanswered goals. Evidently having Bob in a Black jersey was enough to unnerve the White Team, who watched in amazement as, time after time, Bob did not go offside. Most of the credit goes to the Black goaltender: Nick, son of Fedele, who shut the door on the fast paced offence of the second best team of the day.
The Birthday !!
It's one thing to have a birthday.. another to score a hat trick.. but both on the same day !!!! Ron led the way for the Black team with 3 goals on his birthday in a losing cause that will probably only prolong the agony the White team must go through before finally coming second to the Black team again this season.
The Shoot Out !!
The 1st shoot out in league history took place Monday October 24th to ensure a winner of the October 17th game. Mike Poulton scored the only goal to give the White team its first win of the year.
The Shoot Out  2 !!
The 2nd shoot out should have taken place Thursday November 24th to ensure a winner of the November 17th game.
Hot Shot !!!
A pre-game shot from Jason caught by Ron in his skates took him right out of the game due to a shattered blade AND blade-holder.  Might be time for some new footwear. Good thing it was Jason's old wooden stick and not his high tech model. Black team defence scattered.
The Shoot Out  3 !!
The 3rd shoot should take place Monday December 5th to ensure a winner of the November 28th game.
Shoot Outs OUT !!
Due mostly in part to a lack of attention to detail and partly due to an inability to count, the shoot outs to determine a winner for tied game seems to have fallen by the wayside. These games have been scored as a tie. The exception being the 1st shoot out that actually took place. The unforeseen good result here is that there can no longer be a tied season.

Multiple Hat Tricks !!
Frank astounded his fans by scoring his first Hat Trick in recorded history (at least by this statistician). Not to be outdone, Joe D. also tossed in three goals for the cause. Point of information: seven goals were scored by sexagenarians which was more than enough to send the White Team packing.

A Jack trick !!
Jack came out shooting today with a HAT TRICK to lead the White Team to victory. The score would have been even higher for White had not Nick (fearless son of Fidele) stayed the seemingly unending flow of pucks toward the Black Team net. Lots of the guys are now looking for new 'white' sticks (sic) like Jack's to improve their chances.
The Assist
Even though it was Vinny that put the puck in the net for the winning goal, the presentation at the end of of the game was to Paul for his first ever assist. ;-)
Update !!! Paul getting an assist is evidently an annual event.
Hat Trick+ !!
Once again Paul A. dominated the Black defensive crew with all four goals in what turned out to be a losing cause. as the Black team won for only the second time.
The Marv Trick
Marv Blauer has done it again. Another three goal game This time he scored a natural hat trick to propel the White team to a 7 to 1 victory..
The Penalty Shot
Marv Blauer (again in the news) did what any goalie dreams of when it comes to a defensive effort. Beaten badly by some upstart newcomer (Mark Hoogenraad), Marv reverted to his football roots and tackled Mark to prevent a breakaway goal. But to no avail as Mark (awarded a penalty shot) swept in and with an effort worthy of Spezza, deeked the poor goalie (Nick) and sent a perfect backhand shot into the top shelf to give the White Team their first goal of the game. Mark scored the only other goal by White on a later breakaway in a losing effort for the White Team.
The Munroe Line
The Munroe Line consisted today of Michel, Adam and Tom (the new guy), all of course, from Henry Monroe. This line was responsible for all 9 goals scored today for the Black Team. Also noteworthy was Bob's rising shot from two feet in front of an open net that sailed up... waaaaayyyyy up  ....  into the rafters.

The 'hangover game'
The Super Bowl "hangover game" had 6 skaters aside and 2 shirts in net - NO goalies! White won 4-2. Cheers to Ian who played for the Black in a losing cause!
Word from the top ... "No goalies... No game"

Adjusted score
The final score has been adjusted to reflect disputed goals by both teams. Players should remember that any puck even close to being stopped and/or under the goalie is deemed to be held by the goalie and play is halted. One other goal (Jason's hard shot to the crossbar) was so loud that most thought that the puck had to have remained out, but a couple of players saw the water bottle jump.., therefore.. nice shot Jason!
The Penalty Shot
The final goal of the 45th game was decided by a successful Mark Hoogenraad penalty shot.
Hat Trick+ !!
Highlight of the night = Frank scored a hat trick !!!  BUT...Once again Paul A. dominated the Black defensive crew with TWO hat tricks in what turned out to be a route of the valiant Black Team.
Disputed Goal
Too many pucks in the crease led to the disallowing of a White Team goal. Evidently a puck came off the top of the net into play. The play should have been halted thus negating the goal and giving the win to Black. Frank scored again to keep the young guns in line and Fidele scored a "mystery" hat trick which may mean only two goals. The jury is still out.
The Comeback
Two minutes to go and down a goal... Frank leaps over the boards to join the rush as the Black Team goalie (Jamie) sprints to the bench. Fidele scoops an errant wrap-around from Michel and slides it in the net to tie the game with less than a minute to go. Are you excited yet ????  Michel fires the puck from deep in Black territory to Dan (all alone waiting at the far blue line). Seconds later .... the White Team's goalie's jock is lying on the ice and the puck is in the net for a Black Team victory.  ('bout time Black won a game)
After an excellent game (yes.. the Black Team won another), the boys went out for dinner. A couple of beverages at the Prescott Hotel led to a relaxed dinner (Thank you Frank for flipping for the wine.) as a kick-off to the party at Bob's. Film to be available at a later date.
The Wayne Trick
Highlight of the night = Wayne scored a hat trick !!!  Once Wayne removed his glasses and therefore any distractions, he was able to score a natural hat trick against the new White Team goalie. Speaking of goalies... Ian tended the Black Team net.
Mike Poulton single-handed lead the White Team to victory with a natural hat trick !! and then another. Mike's four goals were enough to break the Black Team's winning streak and close the gap to a single game.
Three goals
The Black Team scores three goals in a losing effort.
The good news is: the White Team could not put the puck in the net.
The bad news is: two defensemen (previously White players ... very suspicious) tipped two pucks into their own net.
Wayne opens the season with two goals including the game winner
The ROUT !!
Fedele led the Black team with a Hat Trick and others followed with at least a half a dozen goals to overcome the White Team. Highlight of the game was the Wayne family playing together on the same line .... good thing the kids were there to carry the old man ...
The Mich Trick
Michel throws in three to lead the Black Team to victory in a hard played game.
Hope this doesn't throw off the White Team players off their dinner tonight....
The Stack
With Phil absent (the usual Grey Cup hangover) Ian was able to "stack" the teams in White's favor! However, 2 goal posts & a crossbar by Black did not help their cause. Nor did Jay's 4 (?) goals.
Plus Minus
In a game that ended in a 6-6 tie, Ian wound up with +7 to lead the plus-minus. He had to switch sides part way through the game to achieve this unheard of result.
March Break
With most of the speedy contingent off on March break, it was left to the grinders to put on a goal scoring clinic. After falling behind 7 - 1 after 40 minutes, the White team caught fire coming back to tie the game up 8 - 8 after 50 minutes. Then, in 5 to 10 minutes of extra time, nailed the victory with 2 more goals!
All very suspicious... Frank reports the outcome as Black 7 - White 4 .... (Etch) 
At the end of regulation the score was 7 to 4. After that The Black took pity on the poor White and let them have a few shots.. knowing that the game had already been won!  ... (Frank)
Ian's victory (flipping) was short-lived as he lost a second major flip in two tries - this one with eight participants.
Season Tied
After Phil again stacks the White team, they got off to a quick 4 - 0 lead. After Wayne showed up and a 6 - 2 White team lead, Phil went Black to led a lopsided comeback that fell just short. Michel scored on a penalty shot after Jack The Tripper did his thing.
We have had a couple of father son combinations before (Marv & Jason, Hank and his son, Fedele & Nick) but this was the first father daughter team that the Oldtimers have seen. Nathan Cooper and his daughter played on the same line (naturally) for the winning White team.
There seems to be some doubt about the final score....... Please address all concerns and complaints to the Convenor
2 x 3
Multiple Hat tricks !! Hank had a hat trick before being traded to the White team and then a few more points by setting up Paul but the star today was Frank with a natural hat trick that led the Black team to victory. Seems that when Al is away .... Frank will play !!!!
The final score was ... Black 8   White 3  Andrew 7 .  Andrew was the rink rat who joined the White team for the four-on-four game. Black defensemen are still looking for various pieces of undergarments. Jocks were sliding to the corners as this kid (26) went through the Black team like a hot knife thru butter. Even Tim (goalie par excellence) was looking around wondering where the net was to watch. Where are all the guys .. more spares please ...
Andrew (the rink rat) joined the White team for this game.
The final score was ... Black 9   White 1  Andrew 7 .
White out of the gate
Bob S. starts off the 2010-11 season by scoring the first goal. Not to be outdone Dave M. followed up with another goal to lead the WHITE team to a 3-2 victory. Bob S. scored the winning goal today and now has no need to keep track of his points as he is so far ahead of everyone else .....
Ted Trick
Ted V. scores a Hat Trick for the WHITE team to lead them to a 5-3 victory over BLACK. Scores would have been much higher save for the excellent net minding at both ends of the ice.
Bob's Hat Trick
Not only did Bob score a hat trick for the WHITE team in this fast paced game but more importantly he bought a round at the Prescott Tavern afterwards as penance. Thanks Bob for the beer and the hockey lesson.
Joe C. gets a hat-trick - and doesn't buy the beers at the Prescott. A move is afoot to put forward for discussion a new rule that would not count further goals from those players that score a hat trick and not compensate their fellows with a round of beer at the Prescott. 
Les Frères
There were two Lemyres on the ice tonight. Michel brought out his 'younger' brother. Not sure who taught who the game but it was lots of fun watching them play together. Sadly, the BLACK team lost.
Etch Trick
Etch scored 4 goals with a couple of helpers in the 8-4 win over the WHITE team and yes he did fulfill his obligation to the guys (at least the ones who showed up) at the Prescott. A convincing win was a perfect way to celebrate Ron's birthday.
Shut Out
It was a WHITE 4-0 shut out thanks to a stellar performance by goaltender Philippe Danis.
(Phil Pilon)

After Phil managed to stack the black team, the White goalie stood on his head, got lucky on the bounces & had the black players fanning on shots into open nets. The white scoring demons - Jack, his new buddy, & Bobby - all contributed to the rather improbable result: White 5 - Black 0.
(Ian Smith)

Bob Trick
Bobby nets a hat trick
and pays for the beer at the Prescott afterwards.
Good thing Michel was on only one skate !!
Phil says..
Phil: 5 to 5 tie for black ( they _BLACK_ get an extra point )
Black 5, White 5. Missing a goalie. First half, goalie in White nets, Black 5 White 2, Second half, goalie in Black nets, White 3, Black 0 - ie Black could not hit the shirt!!
Ian: The mighty Vinnie continues his torrid early season pace with another 2 goals
Frank: score was 6-0....
Ian: score was 8-0...Evenly matched teams, but was just "one of thse (sic) games" !!
1st shutout
Frank: 3 - 0 Black. Phil "The Monster" in nets for Black. 
Ian: Black 3 - White 0. Vinnie again scores the big second goal with 5 minutes remaining. But the big news was Phil recording his first ever SHUTOUT. (He did thank his goal posts afterwards)!!
Interesting game
: Interesting game. Should have been more scoring chances given the players, but a good, close game with White scoring with 7 minutes remaining - Black didn't even pull the goalie.
WHITE: grabbed Cory, Jury, Paul & Jack. Logan (goalie) vs BLACK: Matty, Pierre, Laurie, D. Nicol & Bruce ( Joe's montreal Buddy), Dan (goalie).
Perfect # - 10 per side !!
Prescott Fiasco
: Last Thurs., for the first time all year, I had a Christmas party to attend, so did not go to the Prescott. Well, there was only Joe, Mikie & Jack who showed up - to find 6 pictures of the beer on the table, and alll the tables set up for 25 with RESEVERED signs set up on them!! Well..... they brought 6 pictues(of beer), & sent 5 back, much to the protestations of the server(s)? TONIGHT - the story continues: I had left 2 e-mails for Phil, the manager, about our Dec 20 party. First time he did not put it in the book (end of nov). Second time he did (on the right date). However, 2 weeks ago tonight, I asked the server if we were in the book for Dec 20?. He gets it out & viola!! - no listing! So he writes it in. Trouble was, he wrote it in for last Thursday, Dec 13 !! So. SHIT HAPPENS.
: After "stacking" the Black team (slightly) Monday, I gave the advantage to White today. But when "Hollywood" has a bit of an off game, and when I score 2 goals (avoided the 3rd to avoid buying the beers at the Prescott)!, then, what do you expect !!? 21 skaters (all regu;lars although Dan Hopkins is now back). Big Foot
Ian "Sniper" Smith !!!
: With a lack of the "A" talent, the pluggers & grinders predominated and were thwarted by some steady goaltending. However, with Elliot just back from Florida, he scores 30 seconds in which held up until near the end when Teddy scored a highlight-reel goal to secure the victory. 17 skaters including 2 (paying) extras.
And Phil made an appearance - to perform evaluation performance ratings !!
Frank: Sounds like a classic
the collision
: Jeremy, with head down & puck on stick, cutting across the White blue line, and Michele being distracted, a THUNDEROUS (and i mean thumping) head on collision resulted. How either even got up, let alone continued to play was amazing - although both were a bit worse for wear afterwards!
Paul Strikes
Evidently Paul took it to heart when he was "traded up" to the BLACK team. He scored 5 of their 6 goals to lead them in their 6-5 win over WHITE.
The Comeback
A stirring comeback by White after being down all day with a “buzzer beating” tying goal with the goalie pulled !! 
9 skaters aside with 2 goalies. 
New blood. Some of Cory’s crowd – with one who was Junior A calibre who could go through the whole team if he wanted to. And did so twice (I figure just to get his money’s worth)! However, a nice player who played to our level although Vinnie was not impressed ! 
The Street Hockey Goalie
Louis invited his pal Zeb out to play. Now Zeb is a street hockey goalie supreme – who has never strapped on the skates to play in nets. He played 1/2 the game, Louis the other half & Hollywood doing the full monty. And, I must say, good ole Zeb was rather good! The test will be Monday when Louis and Zeb will each play the whole game – stay tuned !!
EEOT Dinner
In celebration of the opening of the 2015/2016 season, following Monday ,Nov. 2nd's tilt and the required visit to the Prescott, we will be having dinner at the Heart and Crown. We will have a reservation for 20-25. Welcome to those new members.
EEOT Hockey, a tradition since 1972!
I know you all have a full Monday night social calendar so let us know. Dave Wiebe has the only good excuse.
EEOT Xmas Party
Prescott Christmas Party - Monday Dec. 21st, 5-7: Ian has contacted Phil (manager) at the Prescott to put this event in the book.
Substance Abuse Program
The EEOTPA (Player's Ass.) have decided to establish a substance abuse program for members who have issues with alcohol and other drugs. Recent events which have resulted in member(s) having there travel privileges restricted have led to this decision. The program will be jointly sponsored by the Prescott.
The Debate
Luc:     5-5 tie
Paul A. :    6-5 white except b'ack claimed jack the tripper has a slapshot
Jack:     Slap shot? Replay shows the stick didn't even bend! 6-5 White, depending on the level Black has to stoop to.
Al:     This is called the "Black Top Up"- Goes like this:League by law 22.55.77, Anytime White wins by less than 2, the game is declared a tie.
Phil:    Upon further review from Mexico the call on the ice stands 5-5 tie for Black.
Paul A. :   So we are all in agreement ... Jack has a slapshot?  Now we change his name from Jack the tripper to Jack the sniper.
Under Review
Dan D:
6-5 for the bad guys(W).

Black pulled the Willie with a minute left but couldn't get it past the Phil.

Have it from a reliable source ( Joe – Father of excellent hockey players) that score was actually 7 – 5
but who cares as long as White won:

Nathan ! What Joe forgot to tell you is one of those White goals ( which he scored ) is considered a ''mercy goal''. Maddy purposely let him go all alone on a breakaway and score. There is strong possibility that Will the Black goalie was also in on this. Following a official complaint file by the Black team the result of this game may be nullified . Al and Jack are now forming a committee to shed a light on all of this.

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