Solstice 2005
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Winner of the 2005 Summer Solstice

Dan Malanchuk
Danny attributes his success to his ability to hit six, shout fore and write down five...
that and being able to convince everyone
he has a mid-20s handicap while still shooting in  the 70s
Congratulations !!

Feckless Idiot of the Year 2005

Randy Hughes

Some awards need no further explanation...

Rookie of the Year 2005

18th Annual Summer Solstice
June 21-24, 2005

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The DATES: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, June 21, 22, 23, 24.

The VENUE: Accommodation at The Crossroads Moira, N.Y., on Tuesday, June 21. Accommodation at the five-star Swiss Acres Inn in LAKE PLACID on Wednesday and Thursday.

Tuesday, June 21
--The Summer Solstice: Massena. Tee times for 20--including the rag-tag Mulligan foursome. First time is noon. This is paid for, including carts.
After debts paid and winner's rounds bought, off to Moira to stay at the Crossroads Inn. Cost $56 US per room. I dunno yet whether that's included in your entry fee, some of it may be.

Wednesday, June 22: Drive to Lake Placid. Check in at Swiss Acres (1-518-523-3040), with the customary stop for a pint or so at the five-star Rusty Nail in Saranac Lake. The Swiss Acres is paid for and includes two breakfasts and one dinner. Play at Whiteface (1-518-523-2551, Pete Martin, pro) with first tee time at 1 p.m. This is paid for, with carts.

Thursday, June 23: Play at Saranac Lake Inn starting at 11 a.m. This is paid for with carts.

Friday, June 24: Leave Lake Placid, drive to Williamsburg, Ont., where we play Cedar Glen (1-613-535-2323). Golf and carts paid for, partly using Red Book. We need a few. Gordo has one, Danny has one, Brian has one, anyone else who has one is asked to bring it. Tee times start at 12:30 p.m.

A reminder: You will receive a Solstice shirt and other goodies--and it's all included. The Summer Solstice is an inflation buster.

The VALUE: For your $350 you get to be a Solstician™, you get four days of golf with cart (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday); two nights accommodation Wednesday and Thursday at The Swiss Acres; full breakfast Thursday and Friday at The Swiss Acres; a high-quality golf shirt suitably embroidered; a valuable goody bag and a yet-to-be-determined bonus.

 Oh, my, how is this done? Is it smoke and mirrors? No, it’s Solstice accounting and it’s not to be confused with that Enron childishness!

 For a second year, this year’s Invitation To Meeting™ is the only invitation you’ll get to the Summer Solstice™ so you’re in or you’re out.

Some will be asked for opinions or suggestions on this or that in order to give you a feeling of being wanted. However, your opinions will be, in all likelihood, be ignored.

 Tenured Solsticians™ will advise those who have been appointed chairmen of committees what will be demanded of them. A couple of new committees have been formed and the chairman will tell the rank and file about that.

  You might want to consider these Summer Solstice™ added attractions: Bowling and The Hideaway in Moira on Tuesday.

  Don’t forget, too, the Bloody Caesar’s just before breakfast on Wednesday and who knows what just before breakfast on Thursday.


Congratulations to Spanky & Kevin - Paraphernalia & Accoutrements... Terry Mulligan - Procurement & Bartering... Etch - Publication & Communication...
Randolph Hughes and Steve Ross have agreed to accept the position of co-chairs of the Popination and Dipsomania Committee (P&D) for this coming Solstice.  This could only mean good news to all thirsty Solsticians.

Just a brief note to inform you that Terrence Mulligoon has been named and accepted to be Chairman of the Procurement and Bargaining Committee, effective immediately.
Luch Durante has been relieved of his duties.
The Chairman 05-03-30

It is with some reluctance that I have to announce that, effective immediately, Terrance Mulligan has been dismissed from his post as Chairman of the Solstice Priorities and Planning Committee.
I say reluctantly, because I had actually hoped that Mulligoon, despite being a lout, had the vision to carry the Solstice into a new future. Instead, he has shown only that he is a lout; and his vision is blurred by the bottom of a beer glass.
All future enquiries about P & P affairs are to be directed to the Chairman of the Solstice.
The Chairman

The Combatants / Contestants

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