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The Tuesday Green League Teams
Blue 1 0 1 0 0
White 1 1 0 0 2
WHITES beat RESP Blues 2-1 to win the championship. Robert Young and Paul Lacelle scored for WHITES and Wayne Barker scored the only goal for the RESP BLUES. 

Link to O50 Hockey pictures

Red 1 0 1 0 0
Gold 1 1 0 0 2
In the consolation game, GOLDS beat REDS 5-2. All four GOLDS goals were scored by their spare player with three assists going to Stewart Shonfield. Dave Stinson and John Higgins scored for REDS.

Congratulations WHITE

Champions for season 2014-15

February 11, 2015

Playoff schedules for hockey leagues are now posted. Unfortunately we have to run a full schedule through March Break March 6-15th. If you are short players for March break we will activate players who have spared this year so you can play with at least 8 skaters but you must apply and they must be approved by the League. After March 15th players with 7 games or more played only will be able to suit up.




It took a lot of shuffling, and there still may be another move needed, but the division seems to be finally settling into place. At the Christmas break, we have four points separating the four teams.

The Blues have been a cheery lot and lead the pack. Dave Wimble is having a super season to date and if not for a rookie playing for Gold, Dave would be leading the league in scoring. Dave’s teammate and ever the opportunistic scorer, Steve Shipley, helps form a one-two punch that the other teams are having a difficult time shutting down.

Meanwhile, at a game over .500, the White squad is being helped by a resurrected John Cooper, who’s playing some of his best hockey in a few seasons. John’s clipping by on a point a game basis, and looks like a kid, again, out there. He also has some help in the scoring department by Bernie ‘Boom Boom’ Rochon.

As mentioned earlier, Gold has the league’s current top scorer in rookie Stew Shonfield. Stew is scoring goals faster than the score keeper can write them down, and his league-leading 19 goals is on pace to set a record. The Tuesday group has never had anyone score 35 goals or more in one season, and it looks like that may be in jeopardy.

Red, meanwhile, are sitting in the 4th and final spot, but are on the way up. They don’t have any of the flashy scorers, and will need to do things by committee, but sometimes, that works in positive ways no one expects.

Farewell and Hello

After countless years as one of our treasured hockey score keepers, Marc Beaudry decided to put down his pen and take up his golf clubs on a more regular basis. Marc's work for the RA Hockey league was invaluable, and he'll be missed by all of us, both staff and players alike.

Enjoy that retirement, Marc!

On the good side of things, we've secured a number of new timekeepers' to fill in the void left by Marc's departure. Specifically for the O50 league, we welcome Michel 'Mike' Labelle.

Mike is a passionate hockey and Habs fan, three cheers for that!, and enjoys watching the O50 guys put it all out there when they play. Just recovering from a heart transplant from a year ago, Michel would like to play but understands the risks involved. He's decided it's safer to be upstairs, and we look forward to his continued association with us.

Enjoy the Christmas / Holidays break, and we'll see you in the New Year.

updated January 07, 2015      


Teams (2014-15)

12 Dave Wimble
11 Steve Shipley
  8 Earl Dooley
14 Chris Egan
  4 Hugh Brennan
  7 Wayne Barker
15 Richard Belair
  0 Elliot Trottier
16 Stephen Haddad
  2 Ian McColgan
G  John Kohli

17 Bill Hogg
77  Dwain Matthews
  5 John Higgins
23 Tim Pitre
81 Peter Monaghan
71 Claude Galipeau
72 Bill Broughton
22  Dave Stinson
  1 Peter Lutfy
  3 Tom Waterfield
G  Greg Dorey

  9 Stewart Shonfield
  7 Bill Kerr  
10 Bill Lamb
11 Murray Wilson
  8 Bill Nye
  6 Albert Clouthier
  2 Jean Bisson
  3 Don Latreille
  4 Hugh Williamson
12 Chris Maziarski
G  Albert Friend

20 Bernard Rochon
77  Robert Young
  5 John Cooper
71 Ernie Buck
11 Paul Lacelle
16 Bob Tripp
  3 Joe Derraugh
  6 Paul Bown
17 Marty Scullion
18 Marty Lane
44 Bruce Mackay
G  Jack Neild