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The Tuesday Green League Teams

GOLD Division Winner

Power Bars10100
Power Bars31024
Power Bars20414210
updated October 06, 2014      
Effective Immediately:
Teams will no longer change / switch ends after the first period.

Playoff Schedule

 050 Playoffs Green Division Tuesdays 10-11

3 game Round-Robin.  Top 2 teams advance to 1 game Championship. 

Game 1

Tuesday, March 11:30 p.m.Blues 3 vs Golds 4


 2:30 p.m.Burgundy 2 vs Whites 0


Game 2

Tuesday, March 81:30 p.m.Whites 0 vs Golds 3


 2:30 p.m.Burgundy 2 vs Blues 2


Game 3

Tuesday, March 151:30 p.m.Blues 2 vs Whites 2


 2:30 p.m.Golds 2 vs Burgundy 2



Tuesday, March 221:30 p.m.Blues 2 vs Whites 2


 2:30 p.m.Golds 2 vs Burgundy 0


050 Playoff Format 2010-2011

The Playoffs will consist of a 3 game, round-robin.  The top 2 teams will play a 1 game, sudden-victory Final.  The other 2 teams will play a Consolation game. Top 2 teams with best W-L-T record in Round Robin advance to Final. All Round-robin games can be played to a tie.  In the event 2 or more teams share the same W-L-T record the following tie-breaker(s) will apply:

Goals for and against differential of the round robin games. The team(s) with the better differential will advance in order.

Goals for and against differential in the Playoff game vs. the Regular season 1st place finisher.

The team with the better regular season record vs. the 1st place finisher.

The team which scored the 1st goal of the Playoff games the most # of times.

The team with the most Playoff shut-outs.

The League Executive reserves the right to determine an additional tie-breaker if required.

Coin toss. The team which finished higher in the regular season standings will call the toss.

*All tie-breakers above are applicable to results of the Playoff games only.

WHITE (.doc)
18 Murray Wilson
44 Tom Evans
17 Bill Broughton
   3 Don Boyd
13 Tim Pitre
  7 Brian Scott
71 Hugh Williamson
16 Bill Honeywell
81 Dwain Matthews
77 John Cooper
  5 Marty Lane
  g John Kohli

GOLD (.doc)
12 Colyn Steeves
  3 Steve Mackney
11 Bruce Cappon
  2 Jack Gelner
  9 Bill Hogg
  6 Richard Belair
  7 Joe Derraugh
52 Dave Etchells
  4 Ian McColgan
10 Paul Lamont
14 Bill Nye
 g  Jim Claydon

RESP BLUE (.doc)
  3 Peter Monaghan
11 Bill Stableford
  4 Claude Galipeau
10 Paul Butler
  7 Albert Clouthier
15 Elliot Trottier
  8 John Temple
16 Bruce Mackay
 2 Jean Bisson
17 Chris Maziarski
 7 Tom Waterfield
  g ???

POWER BARS  (.doc)
18 Peter Schryburt
48 Dave Wimble
15 Steve Shipley
77 Yvan Bedard
  6 Dwight Stewart
35 Don Latreille
14 Lynn Clapp
29 Paul Mombouquette
5 Bill Lamb
  3 Bob Connelly
  2 Marty Scullion
12 Ernie Buck
  g Albert Friend