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The Friday Blue League Teams:
Red 1 1 0 2
In the championship game, REDS beat ORANGE 2-0. Goals were scored by Steve Kilrea and John Temple. In nets for the shutout was Michael Mackin. 

Link to O50 Hockey pictures

In the second consolation game, WHITES beat GREEN 4-0. Goals were scored by Robert Morrow(2), Bob Theriault and Bill Stableford. 
In the first consolation game, C.B. BLUES and REMAX tied 1-1. Blues goal was scored by Larry Cassie and the Remax goal was scored by Roger Smith. 






Congratulations RED

Champions for season 2014-15

February 11, 2015
Playoff schedules for hockey leagues are now posted. Unfortunately we have to run a full schedule through March Break March 6-15th. If you are short players for March break we will activate players who have spared this year so you can play with at least 8 skaters but you must apply and they must be approved by the League. After March 15th players with 7 games or more played only will be able to suit up.



With five points separating six teams, this division is close!

The Whites got off to an incredible start by not losing a game in their first seven...but tying five of them, including a game they played without a goalie in nets. (That was against Remax who, down 5-0, finally decided with four minutes remaining in the game that they should start shooting pucks at the Whites' goal).

With some players shufflles, the Blue squad, Green, Red and Remax have all seen their fortunes shift allowing for more parity, while current last-placed Orange have played seven of their eleven games to within a goal one way or the other and may need a slight tweak to get them over the hump?

Farewell and Hello

After countless years as one of our treasured hockey score keepers, Marc Beaudry decided to put down his pen and take up his golf clubs on a more regular basis. Marc's work for the RA Hockey league was invaluable, and he'll be missed by all of us, both staff and players alike.

Enjoy that retirement, Marc!

On the good side of things, we've secured a number of new timekeepers' to fill in the void left by Marc's departure. Specifically for the O50 league, we welcome Michel 'Mike' Labelle.

Mike is a passionate hockey and Habs fan, three cheers for that!, and enjoys watching the O50 guys put it all out there when they play. Just recovering from a heart transplant from a year ago, Michel would like to play but understands the risks involved. He's decided it's safer to be upstairs, and we look forward to his continued association with us.

Enjoy the Christmas / Holidays break, and we'll see you in the New Year.

updated January 07, 2015

Players & Friends Golf Day 2014


Teams (2014-15)

30 Steve Kilrea
77 Andrew Raven
18 Al Hutton
11 Rick Duval
  6 Joe Colvey
  0 Steve Bradden
15 Mike Gosselin
  9 Pierre Rochon
20 Ian Robinson
71 John Temple
  2 Paul Greenacre
G  Michael Mackin

  5 Terry Cunningham
11 Bill Stableford
  4 Ron Chiarelli
23 Robert Morrow 
  1 Peter Rapson
  2 Bob Theriault
  0 Richard Waterfall
14 Steve Rice
  7 Bill Lamb
  9 Dave Erickson
  6 Norm Boswell
G  Eric Steigerwald 

10 Roger Smith
52 Peter Monaghan
  9 Brian Gunnell
77 Gerry Matweow
24 Richard Gill
66 Gerry Myers
25 Tom Evans
  7 Patrick Esmonde-White
33 Tony Welland
13 Kevin Gunnell
91 Peter Berkeley
G  Peter Albert

  9 Robert Burr
12 Larry Cassie
  0 Bob Lewis
  4  Don Stitt
15 Gerry Stuyt 
11 Steve Wilson
10 Gerry Lajeunesse
  5 Thomas Allgoewer
  6 Ron Carrara
  2 Eric Miller
  7 Dave Morin
  8 Doug Fife
G Terry Sewell  

  5 Steve Shipley
  6 Thomas Lavell
 91 Ian Dennis
  4 Greg Dorey
  7 Danny Foster
11 Bruce Cappon
10 Paul Cappon
  9 Colyn Steeves
  2 Murray Wilson
  1 Randy Maltais
  8 Jim McGee
G  Lee Workman

  9 Randy Harris
15 Peter Schryburt
  3 Dave Tripp
4 Trevor Pearce
12 Robert MacLeay
  8 Marshall Moffat
14 Ron Pentecost
  2 John Channon
11 Ross MacLeod
  7 Paul Paquette
  5 Tony Spagnuolo
G   Trevor Hutchinson