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We’re approaching the halfway point in the season and it looks, finally, that most of the major shuffling of players is over.

Golds got off to a torrid start, and with the help of a few spares, remain undefeated 8 games in. They’re playing well, but we aren’t predicting any 1972 Miami Dolphin season for them.

Part of their success lies in the career season Steve Shipley is currently having. Normally a defenseman, Steve’s playing forward and is leading the league in scoring. We checked our charts and didn’t have that in there when we were formulating the teams. Way to go, Steve!

Although Whites appeared to be getting decimated each week, they’re sitting tied for second place with Teal. Some needed trades have helped right their ship.

Teal also needed to have an overhaul and it started with a different set/colour of jerseys. They started the season in Burgundy, but found them too constrictive. Since being freed of them, Teal have easily breathed their way to second place.

Blues are a bit of an enigma right now. They are struggling at both ends of the ice, scoring goals and keeping them out, but we think they’ll come around.


Wednesday’s teams are so evenly matched the 1st place team at the end of the season just might win the championship this year!

The four goalies are currently separated by a paltry .33 percentage points, and are playing great.

Glenn Andrews leads the scoring race but that’s not unexpected given he’s won that title a couple of times already. We’re sure he thanks his teammates for those long, two to three zone lead passes that spring him in the clear, hahaha.


With a number of new faces on Wednesday adding to the overall talent level, this division will be fun to watch all year.


It looks like Friday’s championship is going to be up for grabs.

Remax are leading the charge, and the solid goaltending they’re receiving from Eric Steigerwald is helping them stay on top. Eric’s stingy 1.43 GAA would help any team.

Blues goalie, Jim Claydon, has been spectacular. That’s a credit to him, but I’m not sure what it says about his team’s commitment to overall defence?  They’re sitting in last place, are the lowest scoring team, but have the second best GA.

Jim may have to put up that ‘Help Wanted’ sign if things don’t change.

Red and White are both holding their own, and each team has rookie goalies in nets. In Whites’ case, it’s a converted player who’s still going through a bit of a learning curve.

The best advice for this division is, “Offence puts people in the stands, and defence wins championships.”

The League would like to thank the Capital City Referees Association headed by Pat Frost, the RA Statisticians headed by Marc Beaudry, and timekeepers Doug Dobbins and Brian Hackett. We also thank the RA arena staff and the Fieldhouse staff for their support throughout the year.

Pat Coyne (right) and RASportsLeagues.com coordinator, Mark Fish (left), not only oversee one of the best adult hockey programs in the region, but manage a  portfolio that includes a multitude of leagues.