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Hello All and welcome to the O50 Hockey program.

We are currently a 12 team league made up of three separate divisions, with over 140 players taking part.

The current League set-up has a Tuesday (*60 yrs. plus) division; a Wednesday league designed for the more skilled or ‘competitive-minded’ players; and a Friday group of varying skill abilities. Each team is made up of an 11 player complement (not counting the goaltender).

*(At present, the 60 plus division also includes those players whose overall skill level limits their ability to play in the Wednesday and/or Friday groups). 

The League attempts to place players according to their: a) skill level, b) age and c) requests to play with friends; generally in that order.

 Pre-season evaluations are used for the purposes of rating new players.

*This season the RA will use a two referee system for our Wednesday group. The Wed. players will pay a slightly higher rate to offset the additional cost of the referees.

The League fees for the upcoming season are:

Wed. - $245.00 per player plus RA membership and gst.

Tue. and Fri. - $230.00 per player plus RA membership and gst.

Please check our website at www.racentre.com for general RA fee information.

Returning, immediate past season players have priority registration up to and including Aug.31  All Renewing members should contact the RA Centre Member Services dept at (613) 736- 6224 for phone registration; or in-person at our East registration desk, prior to September 2nd/08; or forward your payment via the Return envelope enclosed.


New player registration starts effective September 2nd on a first-come, first served basis. Spaces are limited. As of Sept.2, Returning players no longer have priority registration privileges.

The season consists of one pre-season ice time; 20 Regular season games; 4 Playoff games.

Whether you are New or Returning, please note that the pre-season ice/evaluations begin Tuesday Sept. 23, Wednesday Sept. 24, and Fri. Sept.26/08

For the purposes of the pre-season ice it will not be a priority to get you out with your friends, or necessarily on the day you may eventually play on a regular basis.

In an effort to co-ordinate the pre-season ice, once you have registered, we would request each of you to contact Suzanne Roussy, preferably via email at sroussy@racentre.com. ; or by phone at 613 733-5100 ext 336. The pre-season ice will be filled on a first come, first served basis.

For each pre-season session an attempt will be made to book 20 guys, 10 per team.

Ice times remain at 1:30pm and 2:30pm for the pre and regular season.

The regular season starts as of Tue. Oct. 7, Wed. Oct. 8 and Fri. Oct.10; and ends Fri. Feb. 27, Tue. Mar. 3 and Wed. Mar. 4 Playoffs start the following week.

Anyone wishing to help out as a team representative is asked to contact me. This is strictly a volunteer position and the duties consist of: Distributing schedules, notifying players of the first game, phoning/replacing players or goalie who can’t attend a game, keeping track of the RA jerseys and collecting them at season’s end, and general liaising with the league coordinator.


*Please be aware that the ‘SPARE’ rules will be the same this season as last. Any non-League individual wishing to spare may only play a MAXIMUM of 3 times in total. Players within the League may Spare an additional 3 times within their respective division.

(*The League reserves the right to make exceptions if needed).

  Remember this is a House League program and NOT a competitive one.  Please approach it in that manner. Playing with your friends can be a consideration but maintaining a fair balance between the teams is the priority. Players may be moved from team to team to try and attain a fair balance.

Keep an open mind and be willing to make new friends!

GOALIES NEEDED!!!  If you know of a goalie who would like to play, please have them contact Mark Fish.

Have fun and we’ll see you around the rink.

Mark Fish - League Co-Ordinator 736-6237   mfish@racentre.com

The League would like to thank the Capital City Referees Association headed by Pat Frost, the RA Statisticians headed by Marc Beaudry, and timekeepers Doug Dobbins and Brian Hackett. We also thank the RA arena staff and the Fieldhouse staff for their support throughout the year.

Pat Coyne (right) and RASportsLeagues.com coordinator, Mark Fish (left), not only oversee one of the best adult hockey programs in the region, but manage a  portfolio that includes a multitude of leagues.