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HockeyFest 2013

Hello Hockey Players:

HockeyFest V was held during the first two weeks of April this year. We had 10 teams entered: six in the 60+ division and four in the 70+ division. All but one of the games were played at the U of Ottawa arena, and that one was played at the Guertin arena in Gatineau. The players seem to have enjoyed the activities at HockeyFest - both on the ice and in the Draft Pub - and including the WrapUp Dinner at Algonquin Restaurant International (and the visit to see HMS Pinafore).

We raised over three thousand dollars for charity this year: $2,280 for Ancoura, which provides housing and support for mentally challenged people in Ottawa; and $1,320 for Project Tembo, which provides education and small-business support for girls and women in Tanzania.

Our thanks to all who participated and to our many volunteers. Bob Tompkins took pictures of many of the games and teams. Bob has posted photos on Picasa, which you can view and print using the following link:

We look forward to another HockeyFest next year!!

Ken Morin
for the HockeyFest Organizing Committee


HockeyFest V schedule

Mon Apr 1, 201310:30amGatineau PhoquesRA Black HawksU of Ottawa Arena 2
Mon Apr 1, 201311:30amRA TuesdaysES CentreU of Ottawa Arena 2
Mon Apr 1, 201301:00pmGloucester 98s 70+ES West 70+U of Ottawa Arena 1
Tue Apr 2, 201310:00amGloucester 98s 70+SilverFoxes I 70+U of Ottawa Arena 1
Tue Apr 2, 201311:00amES West 70+SilverFoxes II 70+U of Ottawa Arena 1
Wed Apr 3, 201311:00amES EastGatineau PhoquesRobert Guertin Arena
Thu Apr 4, 201310:30amES EastRA Black HawksU of Ottawa Arena 2
Thu Apr 4, 201311:30amGloucester 98s 60+RA TuesdaysU of Ottawa Arena 2
Fri Apr 5, 201310:30amES CentreGloucester 98s 60+U of Ottawa Arena 2
Sat Apr 6, 2013Wrapup Dinner: 05:30 pm at Restaurant International, Algonquin College
Sat Apr 6, 201305:30pmNight-Out DinersNight-Out DinersAlgonquin Col. Rest. Int.
Mon Apr 8, 201310:30amSilverFoxes II 70+Gloucester 98s 70+U of Ottawa Arena 2
Mon Apr 8, 201311:30amGatineau PhoquesES CentreU of Ottawa Arena 2
Mon Apr 8, 201301:00pmSilverFoxes I 70+ES West 70+U of Ottawa Arena 1
Tue Apr 9, 201310:00amRA Black HawksGloucester 98s 60+U of Ottawa Arena 1
Tue Apr 9, 201311:00amRA TuesdaysES EastU of Ottawa Arena 1
Tue Apr 9, 201312:30pmSilverFoxes I 70+SilverFoxes II 70+U of Ottawa Arena 2


Dave Reeve is our contact with other teams, and is also organizing our Elder Skatesmen players into teams. Entry cut-off date is March 11, 2013, so get in early.

If you would like to play, we are always looking for spares, so please give Dave a call, or send him an email, to be put on the spares list.

Phone : 613-731-1090
Email :


There is no better place during HockeyFest V to socialize, than in The Draft Pub.

It has a friendly, efficient staff, and is conveniently located on the second floor.

Greg Ewin, owner manager, has graciously offered beverage tickets to each team again this year. A good place to replenish your energy with some great food, and meet players from the other teams.

The Hall of fame 80+ game is set apart from HockeyFest and will take place 24 February in the afternoon at Ottawa U.

Note that the Hockey Hall of Fame (HHOF) game has been moved to February by Moe Marchand and the HHOF organizing group. This game is scheduled separately from HockeyFest, and will  be held in the afternoon of Feb-24. We understand that there are up to eight current candidates for the 80+ HHOF and this will once again be a highlight of our hockey year.  Come out and cheer on our HHOF’ers!
To help us plan for HockeyFest V, we ask the following of you:

Yes this is the fifth season that the Elder Skatesmen hockey gang is providing this friendly event for 60+ and 70+ recreational hockey players. In response to at least one request, we are considering adding a new 65+ division this year.  We need to know whether this would be viable and whether it would cause problems with our current format.  Please let us know soon if you would like to enter a 65+ team.

HockeyFest is scheduled to be played during the first two weeks of April, and at present we have ice booked for the Monday and Tuesday of each week at the University of Ottawa arena. Apr-01 is Easter Monday. These were the best days when we booked the ice,  but at present some good hours are also available on Thu Apr-04.

Each team will play three games over the two weeks and we will finish up with a dinner (and possibly a dance).

As in past years most of the games will be played at the University of Ottawa arenas but, possibly due to the Women’s world championship we may need to play at other venues. Also we realize that some groups are still playing in April and don't want too many games.

This is a Charity event where the proceeds are donated to charity. We select two charities, one local and one international.

Several worthy charities in each group, local and international, were proposed, but unfortunately we could only choose one of each. Thanks very much to those players for their suggestions.

The following two were agreed on for this year.
Click on their web sites and view the two charities for HockeyFest V :

Local :

Ancoura –

A local not for profit, volunteer-based organization, and a registered charity. They are committed to establishing affordable housing and a supportive community for people living with a mental illness in Ottawa. They are dedicated to nurturing resident growth from isolation to inclusion, from stigma to acceptance, and from uncertainty to trust.

International :

Project Tembo (Tanzania ) –

Project Tembo is a registered Canadian Charity which raises funds to educate and empower girls and women in education, and micro-business opportunities. Visit their website to learn more of their work. This charity could be classed as a hand-up, not a hand out, as it gives the recipients a chance to further themselves, economically.