2019 Jug Open
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Jug Open of 2019
Dragonfly & Renfrew

This year we go to Renfrew

The dates are August 26 and 27
The cost of the golf package is $254.25 (tax incl.)  
The package includes:

On Monday August, 26th, the first tee off will be 12:00 at Dragonfly and the other groups will follow. On Tuesday, at Renfrew, the first group will start at 9:50 and the rest will follow. The price including tax is $254.25 (tax in) per person. This includes 2 free breakfast, and 2 $20 dinner coupons, 2 nights accommodation and 2 rounds of golf with a cart.:

August 26 Dragonfly starting at 12:00,
and on
August 27 Renfrew
starting at 09:50

As of September 09, 2021 we have 15 players
Al, Nathan, Bill D, Dave M,
Etch, Frank, Jack, Greg,
Rudy, Byron, Pierre, Vince,
Mike, Ian, Wayne

Congratulations  !!
Winner of the 2019 Jug Open


Golf Pix 2019

Tournament Results
Tournament Results

TOP THREE !!     Tuesday


TOP FOUR !! Wednesday


Final Results (handicapped)


Net Total        



??? wins the prestigious "ETCH52" prize
as the player on Tuesday with the most
scores of 5 on a hole (with 2 putts)

Prize - Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls #52

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