2010 Jug Open
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Jug Pix 2010 Jug Pix 2010-2

Jug Open of 2010
Site: Malone

Monday Aug. 23rd, starting at 12:00,
and on Tuesday Aug. 24th , starting at 9:30

We're booked into 8 rooms at the new Holiday Inn Express in Malone.
The cost is $229 ... Canadian at par. 

Villa Fiore Restaurant

403 East Main St., Malone, NY,12953

Mo's Pub and Restaurant
3357 State Route 11, Malone, NY,12953
next to Holiday Inn Express

Congratulations JACK !!
Winner of the 2010 Jug Open


Cost is $229 ... Canadian at par

Golf Pix 2010

Tournament Results
Al B75
Sandy H76
Bill L77
Mike P79
Bonar Cn/a
Brian C78
Dave E78
Frank S77
Bill D76
Wayne L80
Rich A76
Greg R78
Jack T74
Sandy Cn/a
Ron Ln/a
Vinny Bn/a
Tournament Results
Al B78
Sandy H76
Bill L77
Mike P76
Brian C76
Dave E76
Frank S76
Bill D76
Wayne L76
Rich A76
Greg R78
Jack T75

TOP THREE !!     Monday  


TOP FOUR !!     Tuesday  


Final Results (handicapped)


 JackSandyBill DRichFrank
Net Total149152152152153


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