Black v. White
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Annual Black & White Game
The Black team's annual golf challenge to the White team.
Players from the Black team vs. Players from the White team


Black v. White 2019
Black v. White 2018
Black v. White 2017
Black v. White 2016
Black v. White 2015
Black v. White 2014
Black v. White 2013
Black v. White 2012
Black v. White 2011
Black v. White 2010
Black v. White 2009
Black v. White 2008
Black v. White 2007
Black v. White 2006
Black v. White 2005


"The greatest sound in golf is the Woosh, Woosh, Woosh, of your opponents club as he hurls it across the fairway"

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2 Man Scramble
Definition: A 2-Man Scramble is a competition format that is exactly what it sounds like:
a scramble in which the teams consist of two players each.
After each shot, the best of the two shots is selected and both players play from that spot,
until the ball is holed. One twosome score is recorded.

Ready Golf
Match Play Guidelines and Terminology
  1. Match play is a game played by holes.

  2. A hole is won by the twosome, which holes its ball in the fewer strokes.

  3. One point is awarded for each hole won.

  4. Each twosome will count the number of holes won toward the team total.

  5. Players can move the ball one club length no closer to the hole from the original position to obtain a preferred lie (not on the green).

  6. In moving one club length, ball must stay in the same condition.
    Example: Ball in the rough, must stay in rough.

A subtle combination of supposed handicaps and/or beverages will determine the pairings for the Annual Black & White Game