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The Ottawa Citizen-Saturday, June 26, 1999

Tim Naumetz surveys the green as Gord Grant selects a club. Gord says the course has "an intimidating first hole, an intimidating 10th hole and an interesting finish, with nothing much in between.

Gordie and Tim went out to play
On Chretien's course the other day.

The usual scores happened, some bogies, a par,
As they struggled to smear Quebec's p'tit gars.

But Teflon Jean played a trick on the two,
For which legerdemain one golfer may sue.

He took Gordie's stomach and put it on Tim
And made El Gordo as thin as him!(sic)

Now Tim isn't laughing, in fact he's quite mad,
Cursing the PM as a bounder, a cad.

But Gordie just smiles as he pulls up his pants:
He can now see the ball when he takes his stance!


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