Mr. Hopkins:
Mr. Valliere:

 The office of the Commissioner has now completed it's investigation of a rule infraction committed by yourself on or about November 27th, 2006.

 The game tape has been carefully reviewed and it's the ruling of this Office that you did endeavour to stop the 'Owner" of the East End Oldtimers from scoring a breakaway goal. This is not permitted (rule 38.1.b). Nor is it necessary

 Past history of his attempts to score (one on one) reveal an interesting pattern of ...

a) losing the puck in his skates
b) 'chili-dipping' a wrist shot
c) missing a snapshot and slowly collapsing to the ice
d) attempting his famous 'stealth a la Gordie Howe' move whereby Frank ends up in one corner and the puck in the other.
e) just simply falling down and crashing into the boards or the goalie


 In the future, if you see Mr. Smith going in alone and you want to let him know that you have his number, just cruise up beside him and say something like.

"Nice skates big guy"   or
"Man, that's a long stick" 

Get the idea ??!?

 May you enjoy many rewarding games in the years to come. Frank has 33 years as team owner on his resume.

Yours in sportsmanship,

The Commish,
Ronald Lamont Dupont Lowry

F. Smith, P. Pilon, D. Etchells
White Team players,
other affected parties


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