Dear Sir:

On behalf of women hockey fans everywhere I am writing to express my shock and deep disappointment at the pictures displayed on the Old Timers Hockey web site this week.

I would have written to the publisher but we know him to be a man of little taste, (not to mention dubious hockey skills), and felt that appealing to his sense of decency would be akin to asking "Big Adam" to slow down, Fedele to keep his stick on the ice or Al to wear regulation sized skates.

Our complaint is, of course, the blatant use of sex appeal to attract more attention to the above-mentioned web site. Really, it is hard to see where this type of thing might lead to - the centre fold of Hockey News? We are, also, of course deeply troubled that you would involve your impressionable young son in this most licentious behaviour.

We trust that you will bring some weight to bear on Mr. E. - as you have been known to do on others at other occasions - and get the publication back to the level of decency that one would expect.

Yours truly,

Peaches Latour


PS If you have any negatives available, for purely archival purposes you understand, please forward a copy ASAP.

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