Update from the chairman of The 2000 Summer Solstice™

The rooms are booked and guaranteed at the luxurious, five-star motel, dining lounge and bowling emporium, The Crossroads in Moira, N.Y.

Hotel rooms guaranteed for Tuesday night, June 20, for an as yet undetermined number of people. Then the tournament begins June 21 and continues June 22, rooms are booked for all golfers for Wednesday and Thursday.

Cost: Tuesday night: $62:06 Cdn or $31.03 Cdn. per person.

The golf package is $199.95 Cdn cash.

We will determine roomies on May 1 when the final list of entries is determined. This is important because should only one person show up, the other person pays the full amount, even if he bunks on a cot in another room. The motel made this quite clear when I talked with them. The cancellation policy is seven days ahead of time.

The tee times are also set as the Summer Solstice™ takes a stroll down memory lane to the site where it all began oh, so many years ago. In fact, it was 13 years ago that Brothers Malanchuk, Smyth, Grant and Gaffney, (ret.), first walked the lush fairways of Malone Golf and Country Club, not knowing that this was a birth rivaled only by one 2000 years ago.

Then came Croatto, Juliano Bosselli of Moma T fame, his brother , Remo and Peter Zanuck, one of the most famous Ukes of all. So many have come and not returned--they’re not invited--that it’s hard to remember them all. People like Brian Smyth, Dan Oldfield, Michel Barrette and Ron Cormack. The good, the bad and the ugly.

But I digress, we play the West course one day and the East course the next. The tee times are noon each day for the first foursome and 12:40 for the last foursome.

More news as it becomes available!

Yours in Solsticianship

Gord Grant


Nil Nisi Bonum et Feckli™