Sep-6-2002 6:42 AM
ETCHES/ETCHELLS. Hi everyone. I'm new to this community and thought I should introduce myself. I am descended from a Fanny Mellor ETCHES of Colchester Essex ENG. Her fathers family came from Nottingham, the Newark, North Muskham area. The family probably came from DERBY at some earlier stage. I have been helped greatly with the cousins in the tree by Liz Midgely. The ETCHES name may be connected with ETCHELLS, and hence my being on this community. I have a website, listed on the lists page if anyone wishes to have a look.
Sep-4-2002 4:26 PM
etchellsjh signing off greedy Bxxxxxxx want to charge now must be the Yorkshire side of the family in me but I don't believe in paying for anything that doesn't work. Ta Ta
Sep-2-2001 9:24 AM
I have located my direct line back to 1750. They had very large families. Is there any one here that can trace back to John Etchells b. around 1779 and Martha Robinson? Lancashire, England (mostly Aston under Lyne). Marriage 1802. Seven children born between 1803 and 1824.
Jul-5-2001 6:45 PM
Congratulations. My grandfather was from Huddrsfield. When you get the time I would like to see what you have. ART in Philadelphia
Jul-3-2001 12:14 PM
NEW ETCHELLS A new etchells was born on 2nd July at 5.20pm. His name is Owen Thomas Etchells 6lb 13oz. At Huddersfield Royal Infirmary.
Jun-4-2001 8:21 AM
I am also searching the surname Etchells. My Great Great Grandmother is Sarah Etchells. Born 1859 in Failsworth, England. Her parents are Robert Etchells and Maria 'Hulme'. Robert Etchells born about 1832 to James Etchells and Hannah Hibbert. From Manchester, Lancashire. (Newton Heath) My Great Great Grandmother Sarah left England for Australia and married in 1883 to Issac Hulme. Any descendants, would love to hear from you.
Jan-16-2001 2:44 PM
I am trying to find out some information as to my family tree, I have the early part of the history to the family name (if anyone wants it e-mail me) and I have the last bit (my grandad etc.) but I'm damned if i can find the bit that links the two together. Can anyone help ? I will be eternally grateful. Regards to all Pete...
Jan-2-2001 11:34 AM
I am in the process of researching the Etchells family tree. My Great-Grandfather, James Joseph Etchells was born in Manchester, England January 7, 1873, I am not sure when he came to the United States, but it was before 1903, because he married Margaret Loretta Curley on June 30, 1903. I also found that he had a sister, Eliza Etchells, that is all I know about him. I anyone can help, please, I am stuck. Thanks. John Joseph Etchells, Jr.
Dec-28-2000 7:02 PM
RE: Images. Here you go Harry. More to come later.
Dec-21-2000 10:31 AM
I appreciate the pix shown on this website of the Etchells. I hope to post some soon. Wanted to share an interesting visit to an Etchells web page not connected to genealogy at all but contained pictures. I was astounded to look at someone thousands of miles away that looked just like my brother. Coincidence or long lost relative? Anyone else experience this?